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once again......WOW!!!!!

absolutely brilliant craft space, I'm so jealous. wonderful to see it all. x

drool!!! Love the stamp display, the inks, colors, etc... very very very lovely!!!

Wonderful to see your space.....look at all those idea of heaven

Wow....Now that is a Studio!!
Love that you have all your stamps displayed...I love to display mine as well!

Wow....Now that is a Studio!!
Love that you have all your stamps displayed...I love to display mine as well!

WOW!! Hey Tim...
What an awesome, creative space. You have given me many ideas of how to better set up my studio. I remember looking into your studio last year but I was so awed with it all that I really didn't "see" it at all.
If you remember back to the Ben Franklin days I ended up with 2 of the stamp storage units as well. One is set up but not being used as intended. The second one is sitting by the front door, unassembled, waiting for me to do something with it. Seeing how you use yours as storage for your pads and paints etc, is brilliant. I would have never thought of that!! Thanks for showing us all the photos, please don't stop, because I'm a visual learner and seeing your space is inspiring to me. I too have the master bedroom set up as my studio. Along one wall is a long counter with a sink so I can wash my painted, inked mess without leaving the studio. I'll send you photos to your regular email soon. I will have to keep my clutter cleaned up because my work space has been shrinking from 6 feet down to 12 inches. It's not working for me. Thanks for setting up your blog. You're giving me daily motivation and inspiration.
I too am a wood mounted stamp person and some days I can just sit in my studio and look at the walls for inspiration. I have french doors on one wall that leads out onto a deck in case the days are nice and I want to let nature in. Granite Dells is so peaceful that I couldn't ask for more. Enough for now. Thanks again for sharing your passion. Better therapy then any doctor can give.
Love, Liz

Very, very nice... I love the idea for setting the back row of stamps up and using all the shelf space... I love to look at my stamps too and see them as works of art as well... With U.M.'s I am loving them but, finding that I need to write down in my stamp book (3 ring binder I made with a sample stamping) whom made it....

I am with the others drooling... I have got to get more inks for sure now...hehehehe I have like ten ink pads and I have been stamping for 14+yrs. And I just bought two packages of you A.I.'s but, I have yet to use them...

I now know why you took over the master bed room... Being gone so much you do not need a room to sleep in just one to create in...:0)LOL


are you shore you are not a shop. I would shop there. LOL

Ohh Tim, that is one awesome space! The photos from yesterday were great, but todays ones are just SO inspiring. I love how you have your stamps - I have always wanted to display mine like that, but since I have a window on one side and a shelf on the other side of my space, it's currently not possible. But I love your visual feast!
And that closet!!! Man! You've told me about that before - but seeing it is magic. The shoe holder on the door is a great idea too, I could easily employ that idea to hold stuff on my darkroom door. Thanks for the tip.
But the best thing is the spinner unit with all your inks etc. That is just amazing. So easy to see what you need, and easy to tidy up when you're done.
Thanks so much for sharing all of this - it's really really inspiring. Makes me want to come over and play and get all inky and dirty with ya! Wink ;) HA! Happy creating!
rach x

I am so jealous of your studio!!! I too love the spinning rack! I will definately be on the lookout for one of those. I use the shoe rack on the inside of the closet for storing punches! That was a great tip! Cannot wait to see more and again I want that dress form!!!! Love it!!

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