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You have lots of stuffs. Looks GREAT. LOVE the wire idea... I guess I need a real scrapbook room first though, eh?

#1... ((hug))

I LOVE it!! What is your lighting like. The pics seem dark, is the room dark?

oooh I love your ribbon storage idea :) Mine are all shoved in a paint can and then it takes me an age to untangle them all to use them... I am so untidy, but I totally agree with you on the "digging" thing being good - so many times when I am hunting for something I have lost I come across something that will be amazing in my project! I find it so hard to be organised, but am looking forward to seeing what else you use :) I can't wait til Ikea opens here in Northern Ireland so I can get some more affordable storage. Thanks for sharing with us!

Great room! The lighting does seem a bit dark... I have an issue with this in my own craftroom and would love more ideas about lighting... And where do you now sleep seeing as how this is your master bedroom?


Oh -- My -- Goodness !!!! I have had people make fun of me for years for being so over the top organized but to see that another human being and a man no less be the same way makes me want to shout for joy!! I knew I loved you for a reason Tim and not just for the creativeness - you are a man after my own heart!!

Denise (Beer?)

Great space! I need something like that for my ribbons. Currently I have them in one big box like a milk crate, and just dig through until I find what I need. Not many of my ribbons are on rolls though, they're just offcuts and bits and pieces, so the box way seems to work. But it would be nice to have them more easily accessible.
Love the wire racks!

zrvnhuvuiughhikjhkhyuhtl///l;/.[0i. (that's hi from Zoë)

Thanks for sharing!

Oh and the photos aren't dark for me - nicely exposed! The bright window in the first pic makes the room appear darker to the eye, but that's only because our eyes are adjusting to the bright window. The room itself would be quite nicely lit I imagine?

OMGosh, Tim!!! Will you come organize my space? Your studio is awesome!

I love the shelves of stamps, my best storage solution of ribbons, i put them all on a cork board (im up to 2 boards at present) they hang on my wall and i can see all my colours ... most of my ribbons are bought by the metre, this looks great as well as makes my room look real crafty...

I am in the process of organizing my scrap space- it will soon move to another room, so it's in limbo right now. But I have been loving everything from IKEA. (We just got one here in Orlando last week!) I am envisioning something more along the lines of Margie Romney-Aslett's scrap space (though not *quite* as pink as hers.) She has her studio pics on her blog. Right now I have 6 of the Crop In Style Modular cubes. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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