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Love, Love, Love em' - Stefie

Hi Tim!

What a cute dog!! And what a sad story.
I really like this kind of Christmas cards.

I hope you have a wonderfull christmas and a very happy 2008! And please pet Cooper for me :D

(Season) Greetings Linda Gelmers

Poor cooper. As always though he is adorable. Love the santa beard. I keep seeing clips of your christmas decorations-I want to see more and your tree :)

Awww...he's just so adorable!

growing up we used to try and dress our dog in my little sister's clothes. She really wasn't too happy about it. (She being the dog) Maybe it was because they weren't dog shorts and her tail had to go through one of the leg holes.

Anywho, all that to say it's good that Cooper doesn't mind. And, I dig the stylish do!

Cute, Cute, Cute! Cooper is such a doll!

I just love the last one. We just want to give it love when we see that! I had a cat who had the same problem, but we had to remove his 2 eyes (and it is dificult to hide for a cat, but he lived some years after without problem, and finally we were happy to have done it. Merry christmas to you and cooper...

Aww, what a good dog!!! I cannot believe how tolerant he is of being dressed up - and then posing too! How cute - TFS!

Tim this is adorable!! Have you ever thought about selling some of his photographs to these company that sell greeting cards with pets posing on the front of the cards? I see them all the time in Petsmart. Cooper's cards would sell like hotcakes for the holidays. How old is Cooper? He is so precious and I'm sure he is dearly loved. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

Don't tell Cooper, but he's such a pretty dog! I like how his hair swoops to one side; very stylish! It accentuates his big, beautiful eyes. So adorable!

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