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Tim -

Sad to say this really awesome retreat has to come to an end. Just had to post to you and all of your blog groupies. Therefore, I ended up staying up WAY too late Saturday night, or I guess I should say Sunday morning. Got up too early this morning and had to get packed and check out.

The day started with having to carry all of my stuff out to the car, which was way more than I carried in (this is a good thing!) That would be after I unburied from the snow and scraped the windshield.

Did I mention it snowed??

When that was accomplished we all got into cars and drove in a caravan up the mountain to Jerome (by the way-its snowing again). It is a very small old mining town built into the side of a hill, with a VERY interesting history. You can check it out here . It is a very fun place to shop, lots of eclectic stores and good places to eat...that's important right?

Our first stop was a store called Skyfire. They have the really cool watches like Tim wears. He has a gate style where you push a button and the door open to reveal the watch face and time. There was a frenzy of trying and buying of cool. We then wondered into a few more stores finding antiques, kaleidoscopes, jewelry and decor.

We then visited the Red Rooster restaurant. We ended up taking over the whole restaurant including the bar. We ate delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and quiche. When we were getting ready to leave the owner asked why were all there. We explained and he had to have Tim sign the wall in his restaurant. Such a cool thing to do!

We then ventured down a little farther to a couple more stores. Some people left our group at this time, they decided to go down the other side of the mountain and head to Phoenix for flights leaving tomorrow. The rest of us started out to drive back over the hill....did I mention it has been snowing this whole time? As we rose in elevation the snow was getting thicker and stickier. Not so much a problem for us but we had 2 cars from Texas, one from Sacramento, and one from San Francisco. So driving in the snow was a new thing to them. We ended up making it down, slowly and surely back to Prescott. We met back at the hotel. This is where I said my good-byes to everyone so I could travel the 15 miles home and see my family. We all hugged and said our good-byes and a whole lot of thank yous!!

I have to say the group of people we had at this retreat were outstanding!!! Everyone just got along like they had known each other forever. We all worked well together and had a great time.

So sad to say this will be my last report and I hope you enjoyed "being there" with us through Tim's blog.

Thank you Tim!! -


this is another gorgeous tag, I'm loving your stamps! totally inspired by each of these tags. You make me want to step outside my comfort zone!
Thanks for another awesome tutorial Tim!

Tim, this tag is fabulous once again!
I really like the hinges you created with the grungeboard.
I've put that hammer on my Christmas wish list!!
Thanks again for sharing with us. :)

what an awsome tag, unreal, impossible to pick a favourite from any of these masterpieces. my alcohol inks and tools arrived from my online supply store today and i cant wait to get stuck into them. you inspire me.......bring on 10

What a lovely tag this one is. Okay, they all are, but I love the silver hinges on this one. Fabulous.

You know, Tim, you're going to have to start helping us knock over banks if you keep creating these awesome "must-have" tools! Not to mention showing us such great ways to USE them! I now know that I NEED that texture hammer set, even though I have lived without it all this time, I NEED it now! Santa baby, bring it on!

Wow!! more tools to check out! I love tools (and that's no lie since I have the tool chest in my craft room!!!) This tag is simple but so darn cool. I can't wait to get my hands on some Grungeboard. I'm making a special trip about 45 min away to see what they have in that line.
Glad you got some rest and congrats to the 3 extra winners!!
Love the tags and don't want to see them end.

What a incredible tag! That hammer is the coolest thing ever! What a terrific tool. That is definitely going on my list for Santa this year.

Love your stamps, love your tags, love your inks, love your techniques !!
I'm so glad I visited your blog a few days ago !
I just ordered a huge lot of adirondack inks, I'll try your techniques very soon !
Thanks for sharing

I'w waiting for the grundge board ... it seemed to be so fantastic ...
Your tag is once again wonderfull, unique

Thancks a lot

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