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You enjoy the rest of the season. It was fun.

I waited all night to see my name in the winner's circle.

Dang, wish I came up with a rhyme. I'm bummed I didn't win anything but I'll be seeing you in Chicago Tim. I'll have to snag a picture with you then! THank you for sharing your creativity with us.

Maybe next time...

Ah...a heavy heart I tag for inspiration.

You enjoy the rest of the season as Well Tim!! May your stocking be full of inspiration!!

It was fun while it lasted, ended way too fast. Thanks for the ideas, and most of all, for taking time to let us get to know you.
Happy Holidays and Happy 2008 to you.
Bonnie in cold cold WI

I love your AMAZING blog, and CREATIVE ideas!! I'm new to your site - -


WOW times a million...!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Congratulations, DebMarie. I've enjoyed your poetry along with T!m's tags. Happy you'll have your booty comin' to your door!

Thanks, again, Tim. Looking back over the Tags of 12, I keep changing my mind as to my favorite. Guess it's ok to have MANY favorites!

Look forward to seeing what you post next. I am so happy for everyone who won the prizes.........they will love the goodies. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tags and techniques. Nancy

HAHA! Super cute post Debmarie!

Thanks a million Tim for sharing these techniques with us! That is prize enough!

Happy Holidays and a Super New Year!

That pirate poem is excellent and so much fun to read - Thank you DebMarie! Thank you Tim!

Denise (Beer?)

Thanks so much for allowing all of us to have a chance at your wonderful products. I have every distressing pad and Alcohol ink.. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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