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You always inspire me with your ideas, and make me want to try new and different ideas .Never change !!!
What a awesome idea.
And thanks for sharing so freely with us all

Love this technique and love the tag.
I read the comments today and it's nice to hear so many people so excited about stamping.
Thanks for sharing!

....wohhh!!! 2nd to comment today!!! How fun!!! I love this tag!!!! I have seen you demonstrate this technique on your DVD, but had no chance to try it out yet....but I would love to!!!! Wonderful!!!! love to stop by with my morning tea each day...;-)))
Greetings from Berlin, Germany!!!

Tim, I am so glad you posted this technique!! I have seen this before, but now I have the directions for myself!! So excited! Thanks!
Lisa in Ma

Hi Tim!

I just bought the alcohol ink and I was wondering what to do with them and now I know! Your ideas are so awesome and I love trying to figure out how the heck you do what you do. Of course, I can never figure it out until I watch your DVD or read intently! Thanks for the inspiration from sunny California.

I just wanted to say Thank you for the inspiration and the time you've taken to share your gift with the rest of us:) Someday I will be able to take a class of yours(it's my secret wish ) But untill that day comes this is the PERFECT Christmas present!!Most gals don't get art supplies as gifts from family on the holidays, I know I've asked over and over again for just one rubber stamp only to find a lovley seater in its place, I'm not complaining about the many blessings i have ! It would be nice to find some art supplies under the tree once in awhile, even if it be an ink pad!! I'd pick art supplies over jewelry anytime, so by you GIVING of yourself this holiday Please know how Thankful we are to you for giving us what most have asked for probably for years :)
What a Guy!!

Well the Aussies are awake!
LOVE the technique as usual - but hey - the new map is almost as COOL as the tags!
Where are all the Canadians??

Will be great to see where your fans are!

Good morning Tim, This one is really getting the grey matter moving, I'm so going out to get some cut and dry tomorrow! Thank you so much for showing this technique it's really great and encourages us to be less inhibited with our inks.Thanks again for sharing your talent with us, from Charmaine.

WOW, stunning results. I see these products but never really know how to use them.

Hya Tim!
Only just stumbled across your blog! Gotta say this is a fantastic idea! I have loads of the distress inks/alcohol inks but have never really got them to 'work' for i can dig them out and have a play!
So, Thankyou!

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