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Enjoy your movie Tim! Wishing you the joys of the festive season, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I love this movie too for the same very reasons. Thank you for a wonderful year of artful bliss & looking forward to the next. Happy Holidays to all! Ring! Ring!

Merry Christmas Tim to you and yours. I've never seen this movie but plan to now after reading your recommendation. Thank you.


This is one of my favourite movies too! But then, I'm a sucker for Jimmy Stewart! My "personal" tradition each year is watching Holiday Inn and White Christmas on Christmas Eve. I wait until everyone is asleep, then spend quiet Christmas time watching these movies while I wrap last minute stocking stuff. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Tim, and I'll think of you as I watch It's A Wonderful Life. Merry Christmas everyone!

Each Christmas Eve we go to church, come home to a dinner of appetizers and munchies, than put in the DVD of It's a wonderful life!

My DS hates it, but I'm betting when he has his own family he'll go buy his own copy of it!

I love that movie too!! I have a few holiday traditions, one being that the weekend before Christmas, my mom, daughter and I spend the day baking cookies (did this yesterday!), I always look forward to the time spent together. Our movie tradition is to watch "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve, it's my daughter's favorite!! ( I really love "A Christmas Carol" too, nothing like seeing Scrooge get some holiday spirit!)

Merry Christmas to you!

"It's a wonderful Life" is my favorite, too. We watched it last week, and even after seeing it so many times, big tears rolled down my cheeks, I was so moved.

We love to drive around town and look at all the light displays. Our town even has a map of the Tour!

Thanks again for my "Holiday Spirit Continues" surprise prize that arrived yesterday. I am still pinching myself-yes, I'm awake and it's real...THE Tim Holtz signed his DVD "An Altered Journey" to ME! I also love the "Timeless Santa" stamp(signed), and think I'll play with it today!

All the Best Holiday Wishes to Tim & Mario(Yes, a HEALTHY 2008), from Erin : )

Totally my favorite holiday movie too! I just love Clarence! My girls (10 and 11) and I just started watching it last night . . . George Bailey's story is just wonderful!

One of my all time favs, too...along with White Christmas (Holiday Inn) and of course The Santa Claus's 1,2 and 3! (something about guys named T!m I guess!)

Traditions; well one on the forefront is my Mom's holiday BGF luncheon. Every year she's wearing a different costume to greet her guests. One year it was an angel, and she carried a bell with her..."every time you hear a bell, an angel gets its wings"
This year, as her door opened guests first saw a large gold star hanging in the entry way "and the stars were shining brightly" then we saw the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms!
Nothing else tops that tradition!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, T!m!

The whole of December is becoming ritualized in our family... and that ROCKS!!! Our DD is only 17mo but i'm looking forward to celebrating with new traditions with her - like holiday films ( wanna go see Enchanted!!!!!)DH and I plan to watch our holiday film together on Christmas Night when he gets home from his shift in the hospital. It's "Family Man" with Nic Cage and it's a bit Wonderful Life-ish. WOrth a look !!! We first saw it when we moved here 7 years ago just before Christmas and have watched it each Christmas since! Have a lovely, festive time this year, Tim - thanks for your inspiration and joie de vivre!!!

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