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Love this tag Tim! Very different, and something I've never tried before!
Sad that this has come to and end - but I will be hitting your blog everyday anyway!!
Once again, a huge thank you for sharing these tags and techniques with us all. You're a champion!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

So that is what the fragments are for! And thanks for saying what the size of the tags are.
Thank you for all the great inspiration1

Another good one Tim --I'm sorry to see the end of these tags but I will visit you bog regularly now

Can´t belive it´s last one! Thank you very much for these wounderful ideas! You really rock!

This is really cool! I'm so sad that this is the end! Whatever am I gonna do in the wee hours of the morning now? LOL! Thanks so much for posting all of these fabulous techniques!

ooh, i didnt even know that glossy accents was an adhesive too!! ....and I'd never heard of fragments before, cant wait to get me some of those. You've shown me so many different tequniques over the past 12 days, it's mindblowing how much can be done with your products. You blow me away!!!!

Tim you saved the best for last, it's sooo sad to see this come to an end, it was fun and wonderful to sit at the computer at dinner time (Australia) so it was a decent hour each day to wait for the upload. I am inspired to use the techniques from the tags for a book swap next year.

Thanks again...Bridget L

very cool to see the fragments in action! i'm sad to see the 12 days come to a close, but you really saved the best for last! Thank you! :)

Beautiful and worth staying up for - I knew I bought those fragments for a reason :) Merry Christmas to you and Mario!

Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of these wonderful ideas. You have been keeping my crafting buddy and I very busy.

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