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Tim -

This technique is TOTALLY up my alley. I LOVE the shabby shutters and rust combination. You continue to amaze me and as I see, THE MASSES!! Keep being creative and taking the journey!

Mario please random me to the top of the list. You rock. You may say you can't text...but you sure can type!!

Let me tell you also...I am at the Holiday Hideaway in Prescott!! Woohoo - I signed up in time! What an awesome adventure we are having. So far we have had AWESOME food, a recipe swap organized by Keychain and a grunge board play time. We used it to make the covers for our recipe books. FUN FUN!!

This weekend is all provided for, we need to bring NOTHING to class. Tim and his crew, as usual, go all out and make our weekend a time to remember and treasure. We call it Holtz-pra. There is ALWAYS some surprise or some give away. Today we got the Tim's new retractable tools from Tonic. Then two people in the retreat won Bind-it-alls and all the goodies to go with it. How exciting!! We have been sent back to our rooms to rest to for the night but I had to sneak out to the hotel lobby to tell all of you what fun we are having. In our rooms tonight there were welcome tins. With insulated coffee mugs with a "Tim quote", a package of hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, and a bag of Michele's famous pretzels dipped in toffee and chocolate.

Wonder what is in store for tomorrow. They are in the room setting up for tomorrows surprise events!!!

What a way to relax before the rush of the holidays is upon us.

Kisses guys!! - Kim

Yet another gorgeous tag!!! I can't wait to try out these techniques. Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us.


thanks for this technique!!! love the 12 tags of Christmas. i am soooo happy you shared your "back burner" idea. love it can't wait to try it for myself. thanks again. can't wait for tomorrow.


Now this is for me.
i can't wait to see what you do.
Again thanks to you are your helpers
love it

Wow. You've amazed me again. Thanks.

Yet another great Tag.
Hugs Sarah

Another new technique, I'm so envious of your talent and pleased that I've got something new to have a go at today. 12 days is not enough haha

Just wow... I have just started embossing and it's great to know that the distressing ink pads I have can be used for embossing also! I would have never thought of that. =D This tag is absolutely lovely, I can't get over that I could make the same thing at home. ^_^ I would have never thought of this on my own! Thanks a bunch for all th great tips you have given the past week.

BEAUTIFUL tag. Just beautiful...that's all I can say. I believe I will give this a try tommorrow morning...meanwhile, I'll be dreaming sweet, distressable dreams. Thanks for sharing this awesome new technique with us.
Valonda L.

Todays tag is so totally awesome. I'm having so much fun with these tags. I'm trying techniques that I haven't done before and can't wait for more....Tim, you sure have started something. I've been posting every day----something else I've never done.
Thank you for sharing your talent.

Carolyn M

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