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How did you know weathered wood was my favorite. It was like you knew what the weather man was reporting and you were inspired. Awesome tag for today.

It has been another wonderful day at the Holiday Hideaway!! The weather was perfect for the area!! Rain, clouds, winds and cold. It was a great day to create. We started the day at 9 a.m. making minibooks that had their own luggage cases. We were told we would have to share the mini-score it for this project. As we started to pass it around we were told we were all to get our own!! How cool. So we were busy opening our presents and getting to work. What a wonderful tool, if you dont have one - you need one!! Then Ranger donated Distress pads in brushed corduroy and frayed burlap for all the distressing we were going to do! We also each got 12 mini misters so we could spritz away on our books. So many fun prizes.

As an added surprise Tim's mother and sister joined our group to create. They never get to see Tim in action so it was really sweet to see them swell with pride.

We then broke for lunch. Mario and his FABOULOUS food was here in style. He and Michele worked really hard to give us a great spread. LOVED the pasta salad. Too bad Mario doesn't cook by recipe. I would love to be able to recreate it.

Our next project was Holiday Blocks. We were given 15 blocks in a burlap sack....its all about presentation! We were given sheets of Tim's antique block paper. We spelt out a sayings with the paper. We then glued all the squares to the sides of the blocks. When done, we sanded and distressed. Then accented with Stickles - frosted lace. So tada Ranger gave us Tim's favorite four stickles colors. They turned ot VERY cool!

Then project number 3...yes 3! We were shown a vintage holiday shadow box. We then were given the items for the project. This project had a lot of parts and pieces we had to create before we could assemble our boxes. We were given bottle brush trees we decorated with REAL VINTAGE mercury ornaments, collected my Tim himself. These boxes were then illuminated with lights!! We added all kind of fun doodads and came out with awesome creations.

Since this project involved a lot of gluing and drying we broke for an Italian feast by Mario and Michele. So yummy. They really are a class act. They really make you feel like you are part of the family and they are very happy to have you here.

We then returned to finish our shadow boxes and add our accents. As the projects we were finishing our projects there was another drawing!! Tim gave away 2 Quick-Kutzs tools with die sets and 1 Quick-Kutz revolution with a die set. What a great way to go to sleep and have sweet dreams.

This is such a special place to be and experience Tim's journey. His creativity continues to astonish and amaze me. Where does he continue to pull these ideas from and continue to be inspired. I am just so glad to be along for the ride. Thank you for another great day!!!


- Kim

I'm so thrilled. This tag kept me waiting and waiting....It made me realize even more how much WORK this is for Tim and the gang. What a wonderful gift Tim is giving us all!! Awesome!! I thought that since you were really busy with the Hide-a-way, without me, sniff, sniff, that the tags would be lower key but NOOOOOOOO, this is the BEST one yet. I want to be the random winner, what's up with that Mario???
It's lightly snowing here at my house so I'm going into the studio to try this one out.
Keep posting KIM D. You're really making me jealouser and jealouser!!
You guys ALL ROCK.
Love, Liz

Fantastic Tim! I LOVE how you've created that background effect.
Keep up the good work! :)

What ? Only 1478 comments for the last tag when you had 1636 the day before ? LOL

I love the new one, really ! Thanks for all your work.

Awesome tag. I am wrapping presents while waiting for the next tag. Unbelievable. I'm going to have to hurry up and get these wrapped so I can take time to play. I have printed off every day so far so that I can really take my time and do all twelve tags.
Day 8 is wonderful of course. Great job.

Hi Tim

Another great Tag

Thanks for the Inspiration


WOW, WOW, WOW, THIS TAG IS FABULOUS TIM!! I can see another trip to the store is in order. Thank you for all your great ideas and tchniques. Have a great weekend.

Agian, a totally amazing tag. Love all of them!

Cool! Those tools are going on my Christmas list for sure! Unless of course you wanna just go ahead and send them to me! LOL! Thanks for doing all this work for us! I'm loving it!

I can't wait to see what's next so here I am and YUM! I love the antique ice skates too - I have one of those I got from YOU from a class last December - the Santa stamp behind glass in the square metal frame hung by the cool antique clip & chain. I actually wore that today and yesterday! I love it! Anyway, can't thank you enough for the 12 tags - it's been such an awesome journey so far and there are still some tags left!!

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