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Tim -

Ok, Mario said I have a "following" interested in the details of the Holiday Hideaway! Well, let me tell you it gets nothing but better!

Last night after we left our last workshop we went back to our rooms to find a treat for our senses, a bag of holiday potpourri and a CD of Tim's favorite Christmas songs. He is so into the details.

Ok, today....we woke up to SNOW in Arizona!! We live in the mountains and snow isn't unheard of but really cool to see when it comes. Our first project of the day was Holiday Visions. This involved making a book using transparencies. We used Tim's new fragments for the covers and screen printed transparencies and rub-ons for the inside pages. We got 4 paint dabbers from Ranger to decorate our books. Woo hoo!! We also got a Tonic boot punch that cuts rounded corners - to keep! These books were accented with a jingle bells and really cute ribbons.

Then we broke for lunch...yummy, Mario outdid himself again!! Grilled chicken club sandwiches, fruit and potato salad!! Can't beat that!!!

Then we all waited in anticipation for the doors to open for our next adventure. We walked into the room and found a wrapped package at our station. Tim said "open your gifts" so we all opened a REALLY COOL sweatshirt with one of Tim's awesome quotes. Lots of OOOOHS and AAAAAHS. Very nice!! We then took our retreat photo all in our brand new sweatshirts.

We were then told we would be given time to shop in downtown Prescott for a gift for a gift exchange. He then proceeded to hand out $20.00 to each person to go shopping. Since I am a local I knew what shops to hit. What fun we had!! When we got back we had to wrap all our gifts in matching paper and get it under Tim's antique aluminum tree, complete with color go Tim!!

We then proceed to our next project!! It was a domino necklace presented in a collaged framed holder. My description does not do this project justice but it TOTALLY ROCKED. We had so much fun making our nests...didn't we? We were all given Tim's Holiday Collage II Stamp from Stampers Anonymous. If you don't know, this a limited edition stamp that Tim designs to sell until the end of December. After this time he is given the magnesium plate and it is never made again. So if you don't have better get it!

Did I mention its still snowing!! All the Californian crazies kept running outside to take pictures and make mini snowmen.

THEN DINNER!! Woo Hoo talk about be treated like royalty!! Mario and Michele treated us to BBQ ranch chopped salad, homemade corn muffins with cinnamon honey butter, baked beans and YES BBQ pork ribs and chicken!! SO YUMMY. After that I think everyone was having so much fun we forgot about our last project....but not for long.

Last project was "Holiday Reflections" I was soooo excited. This is the one project I had seen but never got to take a class on. We used a mirror and had so much fun decorating it for the holidays. We used crackle paint and YES Ranger gave us three bottles to use and keep, old paper, peeled paint, and fired brick. What a cool product you just have to get your hands on. It is a one step crackle much easier can that be?? For this project Tim included 15 holiday embellishments from his private stash to accents our pieces, we all felt so lucky!

We then had our gift much fun!! I got just what I wanted...almost...where's that antique tape measure?? Kathy????

As we were tying everything up and saying our goodbyes and planning for tomorrow. Tim announced he wasn't finished....we hadn't opened the "closet". Christmas came early, what a great finale!! We all got a full set of the new GRUNGE BOARD, Tim's new clear ruler, Ali Edward's new book and three current magazines, and a monogram stamper and mini font set. We were all so excited. We were having to help people breath...breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. We were so disappointed that the weekend was over but Tim once again ended it with a BANG. We then went to our rooms to find a thank you tag attached to a cursive "imagine" wall hanging. What a great way to inspire us to keep creating.

Let me just say, I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend an event like this. NO ONE ELSE in the industry treats their guests with such love and gratitude. Tim and his crew do it all with a caring touch that shows in the details!! They really go out of their way to make sure you walk away amazed.

So sorry for it to end....

- Kim

Ok T!m, I'll let you off, as long as you promise yo do somemore classes in Australia! ;-)

Kim BEAT ME!! dang it!

we had so much fun this weekend, we can certainly forgive a late tag... although we are waiting up for it ;)

thanks for a fantastic weekend, now lets SHOP in jerome!

I want to follow a weekend like you did !!!!!!!!!!
It sounds wonderfull,but I'm living in the Netherlands and never heard that Tim is going to a weekend like yours overhere,it's a pity .
Have fun with all your stuff !

Greetings Tonny

Darn, I've been up all night waiting! Oh well, I probably wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of it anyway, so I'll just wait until we're all more rested. Sounds like y'all had a great time!

this is another great tag! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us "not so talented" folks! Surely hope I win one of the tags!

WOW Tim, I so want to be at one of your weekend, it sounds fabulous!
Look forward to tomorrow's tag

Sounds like a Fantastic weekend, what a treat to be able to attend :) I would be first on the list for one here in the UK :) about suspense!!!!!

Ohhh can't wait till tomorrow, lovin' everything you are doing Tim. Thanks for the inspiration.

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