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Nice plug for the LSS's! I did my part last night and picked up some grungeboard at Archivers. Can't wait to have some time to play with it. I love how it takes ink. Jill

So true! Most of our local stamping stores have closed, LSS stock a little bit of stamping gear but it's hard to find much, and even they seem to be closing up too. I do love the convenience of the internet, but I try to support local specialty stores so we don't lose them.

Thanks for plugging the local scrapbook stores. I feel so lucky that we have a good one in town. It's called Luna's Memories in Half Moon Bay, CA. They carry lots of your/Ranger products, partly cuz I teach classes using your stuff and partly cuz they met you/took some classes from you, and, well, who can resist you & your products once you've served them the kool-aid, um, I mean showed them some techniques?

Thanks for saying that about local stores. They wont stay open if you don't visit them so try them first. We are down to only a few stores and one is going more and more toward scrapbooking everyday.

That is great news! I live near Oklahoma City and you'd think I could find a good supplier but most stores only carry a few items from each company. I buy most everything online but still haven't found a good source. Thanks again.

Thanks for the Heads up Tim!! I do like to shop my Local LSS unfortunately they don't seem to have their finger on the pulse of the sometimes I need a helping hand.
Take care!

Thanks for the Heads up Tim!! I do like to shop my Local LSS unfortunately they don't seem to have their finger on the pulse of the sometimes I need a helping hand.
Take care!

Thank you for sharing your info Tim and for bringing home the importance of supporting your local craft stores. The internet is a fantastic place and opens up the whole world to us but it's no good when you've just run out of your favourite product and you've got to have more NOW! Then where would we be without our local store. It's exactly the same in the UK! I work for a rubber stamp manufacturer and craft store in England and I'm on vacation at the moment but as I just have to have more of your fab crackle paints - I'm off to work tomorrow to buy more.... I mean - to support my local store!!!

I so wish I had an easily accessible scrapbook store. You'd think there would be a good one here in the bay area, but actually, I have to go all the way to Sacramento. Thanks for the information on where to get "stuffs" because I love stuffs!

hi Tim

I am so glad to hear you motivating people to visit their local shops. In Belgium, scrapbookshops are not so well-known and they are not with many, as Belgium is only about to discover this addicting hobby! It sometimes makes me mad to hear fellowscrappers in Belgium talking about their 2hour-long ride to a scrapstore in the Netherlands, to get the same products they could buy in Belgium, just a few minutes away from their homes!!!
Since I've found my little piece of heaven nearby, I got a bit lazy and so I'll wait patiently 'till the owners Wendy and Bruno get some more stuff from you (they already have your distressinks-and powders and cracklepaint!!). They do so their best to encourage people to take up this exciting craft that I like to think I contribute to their goal, by buying most of my stuff in their shop: it helps them to get even more stash as I help to get space in their little shop.
so, YES to local stores that do efforts to encourage and challenge us, creative souls!!!

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