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Your amazing Tim I love this pay it forward,and Bernie so deserves it for the animals she helps

What a good cause - I've added another one to her total. Thanks for posting this Tim

Fiona D

Tim, you're amazing. You know how to make something work for the good. I love your idea of "pay it forward". It made me get out of my pity party and pay attention.
Love, Liz

Thanks for the info Tim! Hopefully Bernie will get lots of donations via your blog! That is a gorgeous art project! I can see why it is a favorite!

Hi Tim, How FABULOUS of you to think of this pay it forward idea. And the idea of having a piece YOU MADE in my home is over the top! Thanks for thinking of this. You're just the best! Have a wonderful Sunday. XOXO, Lynn

Those canvasses are gorgeous! I wish I could help out but I am unable to donate right now (finacially not feesible right now)...good luck with the fundraising! xoxo Amanda

Hi, Tim:
There is a donate button on "a place to bark" site that link to paypal. Is that the correct one? Thank you.

Hi again, Tim. Hey, my donation to A Place to Bark showed up under my dh's name/our business name. This doesn't matter, does it? Bless your heart, Tim. XOXO, Lynn

Tim, Thanks A MIllion!!!
The donations have to be made via the badge, not the paypal button on my blog.
They can pay by using paypal if they click the donate button on the badge...
And please anyone reading put your contact information in when you donate.
You all are the BEST!!!
Thanks again..

Tim, What a fantastic idea - Pay it Forward - and what a great cause. You are so giving of yourself and all that is special to you. Bernie is blessed to have you as a friend. Happy Birdthday by the way - what a grand trip to take too! Glad you had such a good time - you deserve every minute!

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