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Boy, you really get around. Give Robin a hug for me.

Hello Tim! Love the Post Card.

Welcome to the east, any chance you'll be on QVC soon?

Wow -- your travel schedule would exhaust me. I just read about the "new CKU" -- seems to make so much more sense to have the students stay in one spot and to be able to stay in a group and get to know one another. The relationships are the best part of scrapbooking...

have a great time. drink lots of water and get lots of rest. lots of nasty bugs going around.
see you soon.

wow you have been busy ... nothing like getting around... enjoy your travels..


Wow do you ever have any time to rest!!! great postcard!!! More new products..Fabulous!!!!

I am not sure how you find time to design all the new stuff. I have recently given up my day job to get my own dessigns moved forward and I am finding it hard to concentrate despite a strong desire to do the new stuff. I am not sure how you manage to fit in all the travelling too. However I would love to be there and watch the process.
Hope you enjoy the process! Best wishes from the UK

4 days and a wake up and I get to come and play! See you in Mass!

Thanks for the postcard :)

My day job involves a lot of travel too and while it's fun, it can be very tiring too. I never sleep as well in hotel rooms - must be gettin' old!!

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