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Happy Easter to you & Cooper! LOL!!
Hope it gives you time to rest up for another "project"...I'm sure you've got something in the works :0) MargieH in Chicago

Hi Tim
Thanks for sending us all greetings.
I hope you are having a great Easter too. Here is Yorkshire we have snow, the horrid wet kind, so not even chance to have some snow fun, but a good excuse to stay in with the family and have some family time.
All the best to you and yours Lynnda

Happy Easter, Tim! I hear you're coming to South Florida during the summer! HOW EXCITING! I just can't wait!!! Hoe you have a wonderful holiday! XOXO, Lynn

Happy Easter T!m & Loved ones! I am counting down....hummm.....7 days and a wake up till I get to play in MA! Looking forward to it!

umm yum!
Happy Easter

Happy Easter Tim! Enjoy!!!

Happy Easter Tim, Mario, and Cooper !!

Denise (Beer?)

Happy Easter Tim - try not to OD on Easter candy :)

happy easter to you too tim!

Memories of: Easter Egg Hunts; Running to get the same egg my younger brother was heading toward; Yummy Lamb-shaped cakes; Coloring Easter Eggs; New Easter dress, hat and shoes; Beautiful Spring flowers.

This year: Watching my grandkids color Easter Eggs; Enjoying the 1 year old drop the eggs into the dye cup, reach in, pull them out and splash the dye all over everyone; Seeing my granddaughter run to get the same egg her little brother was heading toward

Life is Great -- Happy Easter, Tim

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