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The link doesn't seem to be least from my computer :)


thanks for posting about this important issue!

Technical-just access Claudine's blog from the list of Tim's favorite blogs-on the right.
I sent the message and will post about on it on some other sights. Thanks for the info-I had seen stuff about this before, but Claudia's blog made it easier for me to understand.

That is sick. Why do people want to do this sort of thing? I will be finding out about ways to watermark my photos before I put anymore on line, and removing those I have already posted. Thanks for the head's up on this, Tim.

Yikes Tim! Thank You for heads up. I post a lot of pictures of my two little girls and the idea of someone using them for purposes other than what I intended just makes me sick!

If we can't protect our own family photos....expecially those of our children...then what?

Again thanks for the heads up....would never have heard about this if not for you!

Thanks Bunches

I saw this too, Tim. It's really infuriating, isn't it? An attempt to steal creative material disguised as "protection". It would effectively put sites like Flickr and 2Peas out of business. Who would want to post anything anymore if they have to pay to retain ownership of it?

thanks tim, I'm putting up the link on my blog also....I'd hate not to be able to show my work or even share my family since I have great grandmothers, aunts and uncles that live far away. I don't understand why they think they can just take and use an image without consent. Try using an imagine of National Geographic or MSNBC...I imagine we would hear a bigger out rage.

I actually understood how she said it versus how I've been seeing it written. Sent my bit in and will post a link on my blog.

Thank you for bringing this important issue up Tim!
On eBay there is an advertising for scrapbooking products that use one of my layouts with a picture of my little daughter (4 weeks old) on. It was terrible to find this out, and the owner did never ask me if she could use it. And it is still there, several months later... She hasn't even wrote who made the layout, and it looks like in the advertisment that it is them that have made it. But it is all mine, and a picture of my little baby...

So this is an important case, it can not be OK to use private pictures in this way.

Thank you Tim!

thanks for posting this info up and making people more aware that anyone can use photos of your kids for unsavoury projects not just in advertising..this is why I never put up scrapbook layouts of my family only photos of my collage art type stuff...however I wouldnt want that used either without my permission. On a happier note thanks for more of the how to video posts keep up the excellent work and thanks Tim from a fan in Liverpool, UK

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