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Can't wait to see you on Friday night!!! I have wanted to take your canvas class for a few years now. I know different variations but nonetheless marvelous as always.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnn, you are going to be 30 minutes from me but I'm going to be out of town this weekend. I cannot wait till you come to the Bay Area again!!!!!! I'm completely drooling over your projects right now.

Tim, your artworks are amaaaaaaazing and I would love to do one of your classes however I am in Australia so how about coming to visit us? You have a huge following here in Melbourne and I'm sure other states as well. For now I make do with your blog, books and video tutorials.
Cheers, Angela.

My first classes with you were at MDW! Sooooooooo wish I was going this weekend! Have fun - should be nice weather. I'll be at the beach since my husband will be doing a triathalon- but I'd much rather be creating!

Wow, Tim, those class projects look so cool! I was trying to save myself for you, but I didn't know you were going to be teaching at my first BIG NAME teacher will be Teresa Collins the following weekend (Friday) at Scrapbook Territory! Tell me you will be teaching there some year soon!? I WILL meet you some day... : )

Wow! I absolutely love those projects. Almost makes me wish I lived in CA....(if only for the ability to take your class there, too fond of New England to leave!)
Have fun!


Karen Geckler

Safe travels. We're driving to MDW. Tonight at Harris Ranch and Restaurant...and if anyone drives I5 and wonders where a good place to stay in the middle of nowhere, this is it. A pink adobe mirage dropped in the middle of Coalinga(which believe it or not, is derived from Coaling Station A...and then was reduced to Coalinga...not Spanish or Indian never knows, does one?) Anyway, they are the people who are the owners of Harris Meats for those who frequent health food stores. They also raise race horses. Anyway, it's the only hotel I've ever seen with a Barca-lounger in the room along with microwave and refrigerator. It's mostly farm land, trying driving up in late February to catch the almond and pistachio trees in bloom(quite a sight, pink or white flowered trees for miles), so there's not much after one gets out of LA. They also have a coffee shop and high-end restaurant. I stumbled across it on the internet last year when looking for a stopping point on the way to San Francisco. After reading about places no one would send their worse enemies to, I was beginning to wonder if we would have to drive straight through. So, if anyone finds driving a better way of going and you want to drive inland, check this place out. Rates are reasonable and there's no hotel tax. And just for anybody who is curious, for the most part we've never lived very far from work....sorry, we thought long commutes were not the way to live one's life...even if that meant forgoing home ownership. So, we don't feel guilty taking a long road trip now and then. I'm sure we still drive less than most people do. And one gets a whole different experience when one drives a long distance, one really knows that one has taken a journey. And isn't that what it's about, to enjoy the journey? I know it's not always feasible, but if you never have traveled long distances by car or train, you should try it sometime. It's a very different experience. Anyway, looking forward to the classes. Hope there's room to take everything back safely...not sure how big the box from the creative mind class will be...luckily I have a Chinese puzzle box mind. But that's a whole another thing.

What?! GET OUT. You're going to be like next door to me and I didn't even KNOW. *pouts a bit* Gotta agree with Erin on the Scrapbook Territory store. That place is RAWKIN!

ahhhh I'm totally smashed by your awsome works....I'd love to see it , to touch it...but I can't!!!! Life is cruel :(

Love them all!! I wish I were in NorCal to go to your class and see your amazing artwork in person! Have a safe trip, and I *will*, sometime, be in one of your classes to thank you in person for the inspiration! ;)

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