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Such a cool shirt! I would love to have one.

i just love your work. seriously. my favorite artist.

I came here because I am going to have a new look at some of your ideas as I saw the other day. But this T-shirt is a very , very good idea too! I would really love to to wear it! And now I am going to study some other stuff here in your blog! Best regards and a happy weekend to you! :)

Sweet! I so want one of these. If you pick me I will wear it to your class at the Mall of America next month. :)

Just love the shirt! Thanks for all the inspiration!

OK......promotion at CHA.....didnt see these.....I saw you......but not the shirts...LOL Now I WANT ONE....GOTTA HAVE ONE......PWWWEEEEZZZZZ! Love yah Tim!

Very cool shirt Tim. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win.

This tee is great I love the look on the back!! I know it would be great to wear while creating wonderful works of art!! Thanks Tim for everything you do for us and all your wonderful ideas that you post for us. Have a great week-end!!
Jacksonville, FL

Oh my gosh, I love this shirt. You converted one of my scrap friends to ink last week at CKC Provo. I am so jealous that Mariliese was right there learning from the best. I hope you have a great weekend!!!!!


Love it.


Karen Geckler

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