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Wow, I remember this from the Carol Devall show, does that tell you how old I am....I use to watch her faithfully and remember seeing you on there numerous times...I can no longer get her show and I hate that they took it off the air....Thanks for re-inventing this technique again.....

Wow - love these ... so simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

more great techniques - thanks Tim!

I'm with you, I love autumn. All the colors and smells of fall! Can't wait to try this technique. Thanks for sharing your ideas and your give aways! Have a great week.

This is one of my favorite card making techniques. The finished card looks like I've spend a long time on it. And the recipient never knows that it took less time than standing in a check-out line at the store.

I have always loved Adirondack dye inks! They are a staple in my stamping tool chest. Your technique for creating spatters with a watercolor brush is super-duper.

Thanks Tim for a nother great tutorial!

Hi Tim:)
I love that when you break it down it looks so simple and achievable, yet you can really make it your own depending on the colours and stamp images chosen.
Thanks for another great step-by-step!
StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

oh this is nice! shame i only have 1 dye ink pad!!!i have all the distress pads mind!
but i'll give it a try anyway even with my one colour :-), i'll go shopping for more!

i love the way you add in your tips!!!! thanx a million tim!

creative hug, tanya

Wow! I've always loved the colors in the Adirondack line, but haven't ever figured out what I would need all the dye inks for. Now I'll definitely have to go out and get some!

This technique is *beautiful*, doubly so when paired with the dark brown paper and natural embellishments.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi! Thanks for posting this technique. I learned this from you in a class I took at Stampers Corner. This is a fun one to play with.

Penny H

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