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Congrats to the winners. I would love to buy one--when/if they go on sale somewhere! Thanks for the work you put in to inspire the rest of us.

Congrats to the T-Shirt Winners! Happy Tuesday to all.

Congrats Winners! I would like to buy one also if they ever go on sale....please, please, please :)

Congrats ladies! Enjoy your T's.

I love this technique. I've been doing it with various inks, markers and watercolor paints for several years, now. There are several Hero Art and Penny Black stamps that are particularly great to work with. It does nicely with tags just as with watercolor paper. The look is a little different with each type of paper, which makes it a fantastic technique to use if you want to explore paper possibilities. Thanks for showing your take on this beautiful stamping technique. It reinforces my belief that stamping IS art, not 'just a craft'. The stamps are tools and the art is what we make of the stamped images.

Evonne, Robin, Amy, Sandy & Robin - CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TWO!!! I must be a parent 'cause watching others win is almost as much fun as winning myself!! :-D
The 'blog giveaway gods' have smiled upon you today!! Enjoy your cool prizes!

Duh - Congrats to you FOUR!! (sorry!)

Congrats to the lucky winners! I really want one of those T-shirts too!! You keep inspiring!

congrats, congrats!

Congratulations to the lucky winners! And thanks again to Tim who teached this technique! Wish you all a very happy week!

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