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I love the regular stickles so these can only be better! Thanks for the giveaway...can't wait to get some and play with them for my holiday projects:)

These are awesome. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. I can't wait to get home and try them out.

WOOOOHOOOO......I guessed it!! These look amazing!!

I very much like the distress stickles. It really does look like broken glass, and I think that is a really cool look. Thanks for sharing. Fingers crossed that I could get my hands on some.

HOLY cow - I'm loving this!!!!

#1 ;-)

love stickles, and i'm sure i'll love the distress ones even more! love the rustic, vintage feel of these! awesome!

"A little bling" is necessary, I would say. Those distress stickles are amazing. I'm planning how to use them (when I get my hands on them) already.

OMG! My heart is pounding out of my chest! hyperventilating her tim! This is very serious stuff! And I am going next week to get the dabbers and I so need these stickles to do the tag swap on AllThingsTim!!!! PaLeeeeze-----pick me!!!!!!!!!stella:-)

You are a genius. I don't know how you keep coming up CHA after CHA with new and wonderful things! Economy be damned - if I don't win these, I'll be buying them at my LSS as soon as they hit the door! Heck, I'll preorder 'em!

Thanks for your generous heart and creativity!


This is totally unreal. I'm sure to want all 24 colors...but I can start with 12. Are available now for purchase? You're projects are outstanding. My fav is the deer.

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