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Yesterdays tag was short and sweet but it still hit the mark. The comments are almost at 2500. See Tim??? We are all paying attention and the excitement is brewing from coast to coast. Everyone’s wondering what the next tag will be. Lots of blogs are featuring “Tim’s Tags”. I know tons of crafters are wearing paint splattered clothing or pajamas. I know I am!! Thanks so much Tim, for sharing yourself. Your precious time off. Your creativity as well as your products. Your time is so valuable and I know what a gift you are giving. You are bringing joy and happiness across the world and your sharing kindness is spreading to all your “followers”. Thanks so much.
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

yay! it's TIM TIME! my most favorite time of the day. (or rather, night!) each night i try and guess what your next tag might look like; which colors, which medium will you use, what kind of embellishments you're gonna use, what will the theme be, etc. i haven't guessed it correctly yet, but it's fun trying!

oh, today i picked up the book you recommended, "Twilight". i'm sure i'll enjoy it since it's one of your favorites. see? i trust your opinion! :-)

LOVE todays' tag; another masterpiece! thanks for all that you do for us.


oldy worldy santa. Gorgeous.

Cool tag! Waiting for each new day's posting is as exciting as winning an auction! Thanks for the fun and the inspiration!

Love your new keyholes...Santa baby hurry down the chimney tonight.

Love it as usual.

This is really simple beauty!

Oh Man!! I keep forgetting to say that I LOVE the action shots you're taking Tim.
They rock!!

The frost is to die for!! I'm picturing this technique with the spotlight Santa and some vintage family photos!
Thanks Tim

another gorgeous work of art!

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