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Simply beautiful. Can I believe that I am the first. When I click the post we will see. Today I get to order some Tim stuff. Can't wait. Thanks Tim.

Boy howdy…you NEVER cease to amaze me Tim!! And the comments…2500, and growing higher and higher I’m sure!!
I am creatively (that is a word isn’t it??) dead this week and you are reviving me daily.
This day 3 is awesome my friend and to say anything less would be an understatement of the greatest magnitude!!
Thanks so much for giving us all the gifts that you give. It makes the daily grind easier to struggle through. WOW.
I’m rambling on aren’t I??
Simply said…Thanks Tim. Awesome job!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

I'm lovin the black & white and colored santa!!!!! What a great effect! That is the bestest Santa stamp I have ever seen!!! Thanks Tim!

Love the projects and all the techniques! it is soo great that you make the time to do this every year to share! Thanks!


Love it

just when think it cant get any better, it totally does. i have said this a ton of times to ya, but thank you, truly, thank you

Beautiful classic Christmas style, I love it. I had so much fun yesterday playing with the alcohol background. I was able to make some very special Christmas cards to send out. Thanks for the inspiration!!! I'm spreading the word to get many people to come visit your blog. The more inspired crafters, the better. Now I'd love to get some of your framgments (along with all the other goodies). Fun technique.

dont have the supplies to make this.. but i can tell you.. its one AWESOME tag!! i can look and drool!!

Yet another beautiful tag. Love the glossy accent on the Santa. I have stuff in my shopping cart at I'll just keep adding til I can afford to buy.
Thanks for all of your great ideas.

So cool! Hope I win!

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