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Another great tag. What a joy to see all this hard work look so beautiful. Thanks Tim.


I was always told it was the Moon and the Stars that lit up the night sky;
but that's wrong. It's YOU & your Tags!-- you burst thru the darkness showing us the light.

Each night you out do yourself and thrill and delight us all. Thank you for sharing!

All my best,

Prescott, AZ

Still gotta get that pen, Tim!!! Beautiful work...You're the Best!
Linda Cain

WOW!! It’s amazing….How Tim does it, time after time, I don’t know.
Thanks for keeping us going Tim. I know you are amazing us all. I LOVE the birds and the colors....My FAVORITE one of all.
Love, Liz
Liz Walters

Love the Birds! Love Birds! Sensational creating Tim...Love the Journey you are taking so many people who Love your work on!
Kudos to you! You are Da-Man!

Wow!! How much more can Tim do to one little tag?!!! i guess we will see tomorrow. Having a great time with these, thanks Tim.

Just amazed.....just when I think it can't get any kick it up a notch....yesterdays card was simply over the top and now todays card just WOW.....thanks for sharing all of these with us.

This is simply beautiful!! Stunning tag Tim!

I'm off to the store in the morning to get an ink pallet and then *NOTHING* is SAFE from being alcohol inked by me :)
Thanks for all the amazing ideas -- you are the reason I can't sleep at night :)

Love those sweet birds and the effects of the alcohol inks on the overlay! Just beautiful!

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