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Here’s to the rest of the 2nd half of these awesome tags from Tim. I thought I could keep up but
Tim’s creativity blows my mind and it’s taking me so long to catch up.
I have never heard of the clear paintables from stampers anonymous. Of course now
I need to find them and check them out. Thanks so much Tim for sharing a portion of
your day with all of us fans. Keep on rockin Tim. Lets keep on passing the work to keep
the comments up over 2,500!! Maybe a new goal of 3,000. We can do it!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

WOW the snow is fabulous! It looks so real!

Love the snowman it looks just like here in the UK all frosty and white.

Brilliant thanks T!m

Hi Tim!
This snowman is sooo cute! thanks again for sharing! Please please consider having this project again before next Christmas... it is so much fun and inspiring!

This little snowman is magical enough to change rain to snow in southeast Alaska in time for the holidays. Thanks for sharing your magic! :)

Oh I love it. Right up my alley! Keep it up Tim. We all love it.

Each and every time I see your tutorials I am blown away. That snow technique is incredible!! Must try that "bleach" technique...much easier than using the real thing. Thanks Tim!

once again WOW!!! That snow is amazing, and so realistic. I'll definitly be using these techniques. Tim you are the master!

This is GORGEOUS! I love it! Thanks for sharing such cool holiday tags with us! :)

I simply love your Snowman, Tim! He's the best...thanks for giving him to us! Christmas cheer to you all year through!

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