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Thank you so much for sharing your magic with us! Merry Christmas! :)

The end. Wow What is next all have been great Thanks

Love it....
This is very gorgeous tag. As always, your techniques, close-up photos & how-to's are amazing!

TAG NUMBER TWELVE. It’s here and it’s awesome!
Thank you TIM!! You are THE MAN and YOU ROCK!!
In the words of Roy Orbison “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over”,
But in reality, it’s all just beginning…the start of a new year,
The start of newfound friends,
The strengthing of existing friendships.
The start of newfound creativity,
The using of old techniques AND the practicing of the new.
Remembering the cruise of the past AND
Looking forward to the cruise of the FUTURE.
It’s all because of our awesome friend TIM and his right hand man MARIO,
And the words I often here them say: Creativity is an endless journey where
We should always take the scenic route.
Thanks so much, over and over again.
Thanks…Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

NNNNooooooooooooooooooo....It can't be day 12 allready! I'm not ready to let go.

Thank you for all of the inspiration and fun you have provided through these tag tutorials. It's been great! Have a wonderful Christmas.

This is really an amazing tag! Love the clock-details and as usual the bright colours!

Beautiful tag to end these amazing 12 days of creativity!!!
Thanks tim!!!!!!!

I feel mornings won't be the same without your tags, without the little sunshine you brought to us, tim!
I feel happy...for al those techniques you thought us, for al the beauty you gave us, for the holidayspirit you gave!

I want to give you a very, very big hug and all my love for this christmaspresent you gave. Thanks, thanks, thanks, you are the master!!!!

THIS IS IT.... I am so sad the Twelve Days have come to an end... I hope you are back next year... another amazing tag... I just bought the spinners yesterday... now I need the clock faces!!!! This has been so popular... thanks for all the ideas!!!! I am using some of them on a challenge I have been asked to post this next week!

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