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YAY! another day, another tag. It's great again Tim. Thanks for sharing :)

Love it....
You are the best!

How can it be day #10? That means only 2 more tags after today!
There will be serious withdrawals nationwide I’m sure.
Tim, I must tell you, I really love the action shots you’re sharing. Everyday better!
Again, the comments are nearing 2500 and the addiction is spreading.
Congrats to all the winners over all these past days. Wonder who they are today?? It’s been fun watching the excitement build.
My list for TIM things wanted isn’t very long. I’ve been blessed to have everything needed or else a darn close second!
I’m off to bed now and will dream on how to use Tim’s Tag #10 for first thing in the morning.
Thank you Tim for all your hard work and for all your sharing. You are the KING of TAGS!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

Wow Tim, once again, you make something spectacular, from nothing! NOthing short of amazing!! Thank you for your inspiration and generosity!

HAHAHAHA! I was really the first to comment :) I won I won! LOL!

Another WONDERFUL way to not get my grading done!

Thanks, Tim!

Holly smokes! Once again, totally cool.

well,'s been a GREAT ride. ten fantastically created masterpieces and only two more to go. thanks for taking me down the creative trip down memory lane - it's been fun remembering christmas as a child who still believed in Santa. wait a minute. there STILL IS a Santa. yep! his name is Tim Holtz and he's been spreading joy to thousands of people, night after night, tirelessly giving his ALL to fans who visit his blog, anxiously awaiting his next creation; his labor of love. he never disappoints.

thanks for spreading the joy & magic of christmas and for sharing your (creative) gifts with us.


I love the crown on the reindeer! I love your techniques. Thanks for another great tag and inspiration.

Yet another beauty! So rich in color, too! Those masks are calling to me, Tim. I've seen you use them a couple of times on tags and they really add a wonderful design element to the tags! Must get some masks!

Alice I.

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