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Wait - this was the Holiday Hideaway weekend? We didn't have those fun updates this time? Dammit! Hope it went well. Looking forward to pics and projects...

#1 ;-)

Wow, 2000+ comments down to 1 so far? I think we're all off completing our tags! I really appreciate that you gave us this gift again, Tim. Soooo many of us have had sooo much fun and shared so much with each other while we enjoyed creating these fabulous tags over the past 2 weeks. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

Tim, The Very Best of Holidays to you and your family! Thanks to you, and these 12 Wonderful Tags, my creative juices (using all of my Great Tim Holtz supplies) is in full swing! All of my other scrap and crafting supplies have taken a back seat and my craft room and my dining room table filled with your great products and projects. I am making several of your QVC kits into Recipe books and Geneaology albums and matching Tins. My Christmas cards have renditions of your tags on them (don't have all of your products) but using what I have. I wish I could have every one of your products! \ You are the Best!
Have a Healthy, Happy, Warm. Cozy, Creative and Fun Holiday Season!

I love seeing all 12 tags laid out side by side. What a beautiful collection of your continued talent!

Thanks Tim for all of your hardwork. I made a pdf file of the 12 tags instruction and printed it all off; without comments and prizes it still is 250 pgs. I made a cover for it and brought it to Staples today to get it bound. Things are too busy right now, but after the holidays it's time for some serious play. Enjoy a well deserved rest!


Thanks for the 12 days of Tags they were so neat to make and couldn't wait to see what was the next day. Can't wait to see what you did on your weekend hideaway but I am sure they are amazing whatever it is. Have a great holiday and Happy New Year.

I'm so curious . . . when you look at those tags all lined up at the top of this post, are you blown away by your own creativity? I wonder what YOU think when you see them all together! I'm just astonished that one person can come up with all of those fantastic techniques to use on 12 tags! I mean really, they're just amazing, and you did so much with them all! It blows me away! I'm just going to stare at them all together for a few minutes!! It makes me happy! Have a wonderful holiday!! Be festive!

Tim - The tags look awesome side by side!! What a great reminder of just how awesome & creative you are:) I just picked up some of your Stampers Anonymous stamps today…time to play!!!

WOW they look even more awsesome all together like that! Serious Christmas/Holiday Art there!

Have a good one and enjoy all the snow the news says your getting

The tags look so awesome all together, I have a disc on the 2007 tags and now this will complete my 2008 disc! Thanks Tim
Merry Christmas I hope Santa gives you everything you asked for!!! Donna

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