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Tim what a gorgeous collection of tags! They look fantastic all together like that. Thank you for sharing all your great techniques and ideas. You really are an inspiration! Have a Merry Christmas! Be proud of all you have shared this year!

Thanks for the wonderful picture of all 12 of the tags together. They look so good individually but together -- WOW! Now I am all excited about hearing how the Holiday Hideaway Weekend went. If was so much fun last year.

You are the Ty Pennington of crafts hmmm? lol
Loved all the tags!
Can't wait to see what else you have to show us!

Thanks for showing us all the tags at once. Can't wait to see the projects!!! Happy Holiday's to you and your family!


Tim, you sweet do NOT have to do EVERYTHING everyone asks you to do! I love the mosaic of the tags, don't get me wrong, but surely that was time better spent under the mistletoe???

Please take some time for YOU!

You r so amazing!!!
When do you have time for yourself???
Can we ancicipate another dvd soon?

I thought I had a favorite but when I see them all together I realize the only fav I have is all of them!

Take some time for yourself and enjoy this joyful holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

They are beautiful!
Thanks so much for the pics of the tags.

Boy, they look so great all together like that!

just looking at the tags.. i see your talent and generosity.. thanks so much
they are a thing of beauty..
hope your holiday is a peaceful one and your new year filled with health and happiness..
big ladybug hugs

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