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Glad to see you made it back home. What a great adventure you had. That sounds fantastic. Would be so fun to see the UK CHA. How nice you had just gone to the US one. I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you are home safely and thanks so much for the video! It was so awesome of you to think of us and keep us involved in your trip! (Oh, and pick me, pick me! lol)

Welcome home Tim! I sure missed ya. It's just not the same without a little something from your blog every couple of days. Thanks for the video it was very entertaining. Loved the pub. Have a great weekend. Rho

Welcome back! Sounds like a great trip, shame about the luggage going missing. That happened to me too on a trip in Europe.

I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I have missed reading your blog while you were away!

What an amazing adventure! So glad you're home and back to blogging! YAY!

great video! Sounds like a fabulous trip, glad you guys made it home safely.

Glad to see you are back. sounds like an amazing trip.

Hi Tim. Been waiting for you to come home so I could hear all about Tim and Mario's Excellent Adventures. Sounds like a blast but BUSY. Off to check out your the Oscar goes to ?????

Welcome back.


Nice coverage of your trip tim We sure did miss you while you were gone! Perhaps you should keep your trips to a mmm...say a 2 day max! lol! Glad you had fun and are back safe! stella:-)

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