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Tim, going straight over to see the new videos now, yippee! There were no other posts when I started typing this - am I the first?!!

Hey, I'm first! at least when I started typing.... going over to the new videos right now! Thanks Tim

There's something wrong, I've posted a comment twice (I was first... or maybe not if it's not working) but the post isn't appearing.... Going to watch the new videos and check out all the improvements right now. Go Tim!

wow! a great announcement, and a awsome opportunity to try out more of the interesting techniques you use!.
As said before, your work is soo inspirational, and your products are wonderful!

Have a great March! :D

Gosh, am I first??? I can't wait to see the video techniques. I hope that I can finally qualify for a giveaway..!! I have sure been trying!

Thanks, T!M!! Lindy from CA

Wow I've just told everyone to go to bed and be more patient and then you go and upload your new goodies to share. Off to watch your demos now. THanks T!m

YEAH!! It is worth waiting up for!! You ROCK TIM!! You are such an amazing guy!! And what is better than a good movie and popcorn!! follow the journey..........
Carol and mike

SOOO excited about all these new things!

Jippiehh! Waited so long, and finally today is the day! Can`t wait to check out all the new stuff!
All the best from Germany

way exciting!!! thanks for all the fun

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