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have fun, we're going to be having super weather here this weekend... but it's BERKELEY... check your spelling ;-)

tim, tim.
do you ever stop!!! sunny california, how nice. need to go to michaels, ASAP, list is growing longer.
PS>I have never been#2 before. maybe that will count for a surprise from you

I waiting impatiently for my passenger to get her chores done so we can head to Berkeley to be with you! I have been ready for this since I first read your blog you were coming to Scrapbook Territory. I'm so ready to get grungy, learn new techniques, and be surprised! A great big welcome to Northern California -- we are blessed.

I am sure you will have a wonderful trip! Enjoy!!

Hope you have loads of fun. The weather has got to better than here. Yesterday was really nice but today its raining. I'm off to see if you ever come close to me. Maybe even Seattle. Would love to take a class :)

Hope you packed shorts, it's going to be a hot weekend in more ways than one.

Hope you have a blast, although I wish you were coming here!!!

Welcome to beautiful California...I wish I could be there but daughters in ballet calls this week in Northern Callie!

"I'm leaving on a jet plane ... don't know when I'll be back again" ;o)

Hope you share here some of the attendees' creations ... and have a great time!

Have a blast!

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