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Stunning tag... I love the snowman !

Fabulous Tim, now it really feels like Christmas!! Thanks so much for doing this again.

Thanks for the heads-up about I'm glad that you decided to do the 12 Tags of Christmas again. I love the snowman and can't wait to see what else you have to show us. Merry December!

Awesome instructions! Whoo hoo!!! Can't wait to make this one!

Great start for the 12 days!

WOW! Gorgeous as usual! Can't believe it's already December 1st - where did the year go?!
What an awesome tradition, t!m. Keep up the GREAT work. :)


I love that crackle effect! Just the inspiration I need to get cracking on my Christmas projects.... it just wouldn't be Christmas without Tim's Twelve Tags, it's fast becoming a tradition.

Off to a beautiful start! Now it feels like the Holidays.

How can this possibly get better?? Awesome. I’m overwhelmed and am so excited for 11 MORE!!!
Thanks so much!! You ARE the man!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

Love this! No wonder it took so long to load...what a great tutorial! Thx Tim.

You know how in movies when something super amazing comes up on the screen they play background music of a choir singing "Hallelujah"? Yeah...that's kinda what's playing in my head while the picture of the tag are loading one by one. It is so pretty! I love the Stickle-sicles!

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