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yeah...double whammie!!!!!Tag 3. Over the top yet again. How can tag 3 be better then tag 2?? It will just keep getting better every day!! My FAVORITE thing on tag 2 is THE ROSE and the gold flicked splatters. I’m off to try this new tag and figure out what will be my “new” favorite.
Thanks so much Tim!! Sharing is glorious.
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

OOO it looks like the northern lights awesome. cant wait to try

On the first day of Christmas tags
there were snowmen everywhere...
On the second day of Christmas tags
Seasons Greetings was the fare...
On the third day of Christmas tags
play with your alcohol inks if you dare...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to try my alocohol inks on this tag!

The Aurora Borealis in Arizona? Awesome! :)

These are so different - nothing I could have ever imagined...

WOW... never in my dreams did I think of making the plaid like background... I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I can't wait to try this!

Mad for plaid now! Most Excellent!

Wow! How cool, plaids! And I love it when you use all those super cool trinkets like the philosophy tags and mini pins!

I love this one! Thanks for showing us different ways to use your products other than the traditional methods. You ROCK!

I'm speechless with the rainbow!!! What I love the most on your tags are all the "outside the box" solutions you teach us!!! What I don't like? I have to wait for all other ones! Tks for sharing!!!!!!

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