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AWESOME again!!! I LOVE the new FILMSTRIP!! I have been using it in swaps and I even love the tiny tin it comes in. Thanks Tim for showing how an everyday type of embellishment can be used on a winter holiday tag. You are the best. That photography stamp is one of my favorites as well. Would have never thought to use it the way you have. I love that we are taught by “the master”.
Happy Wednesday to all and to all a good play!!
I’m a dork..I know it.

oh geesh, this made my laugh out loud....I can completely relate to this picture!! what a great tag!! thanks for the good memories.

Tim U R toooooo much!!!! Love, love, love this tag. I'm going to stay up and try to duplicate it. Best of the BEST!!!

TOTALLY mind blowing AWESOME!!!
Words can't describe it!!!

I'm gonna KEEP posting comments till I'm a PRIZE winner.
I already am a winner cuz I have an awesome teacher. rocked this one totally.

Wow! Ok, now THIS tag is my favorite so far. It's so incredible! LOVE it!

Oh my gosh those pictures are wonderful! This is a great tag!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Best present yet today!!

The bestest tag yet!! I've been dying to use my filmstrip, so now here's a project worthy!!

Thanks for makin my bday special, TIm!!!

Fantastic! I really love this tag!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! And this is one of the many many reasons we all love and admire you Tim! FANATABULOUS art!!!!!

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