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Congrats to the winners! :) We are all very excited for you!

The fact that you do things like this is one of the reasons so many of us love you!
You are the best!!!!!

oh, man, I would SO loved to have been one of the winners, but I'm not :(

Congrats to the lucky lucky winners!!

ANd Congrats to you Tim for being able to get all of this going, and thanks!!

Can't wait to see the next sneak!

Lucky girls!!! Thanks for everything, Tim!

They are the coolest things and congrats to the winners! You are very cool yourself there Tim.

oh congrats!!!! lucky lucky girls!!! and for the rest of us Tim, just make sure there is a whole lot of them so we can all get our hands on them ... especially us up here in Canada.

Congrats to the lucky ladies!!

Tim! You are the bestest, most awesomely generous man in the world!!!!

Congrats to the lucky winners and how nice of you to give them away!

That is so nice to break into your personal stash just for comments.
I can't wait to see the rest of the dies, and stamps? When can we see the stamps???? PLEEASE show some stamps soon!

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