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Love that stamp set and I just love the book! :)

Oh it'll be VERY hard to wait but I will control myself because I certainly want a signed copy! Thanks for sharing so much with us..your humble fans :)

hmmmmm...signed or unsigned (YES! I am the impatient type)..gotta think this one over...definitely gotta get way or the other (oh, gee now that song is in my head)!!!!!

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book. It looks like so much fun!

Congrats to the lucky ladies! Love that "Love" ticket stamp!!! Seriously, I'm not a crafty-book buyer, but I know I'll need yours!!! One of your others got me through a Napa --> Phoenix roadtrip! I hope my LSS is open today, can't wait to see when they get it in!

wow! I can't wait to get my hands on this book, will it be available in UK?
Jen x

Congrats to the winners!!!! Can hardly wait for the new book to be in my hands... I've had it pre-ordered for awhile :-)) Although I might just have to get an autographed copy also. Have fun in the UK.

I can't wait to see your book, but I will wait to buy it signed by you! Thanks so much for doing that for us.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the book, but tempting to wait for a signed copy -decisions, decisions! Have a great trip to the UK!

Great news! I will try to wait for the signed copy...I'll try...I'll try.

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