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I use Distress ink for many things. I use them for colouring stamp images, I distress edges on my layouts and I love to use them om the tecnic Resist embossing on cards.
My fav right now is wild honey, but I love them all ; ) !

What I love about distress ink is the unique look it gives to any project, the possibility to mix the colours and create an infinity of backgrounds and to use either the pad or the refill bottles and the mini misters. They give me hours of fun and magic.

They call me the queen of distressing here, I use my inks on everything. I cannot help it. My project look unfinished if I haven't done a little bit of inking.

OMG !! I have been looking for those tins locally, like forever...Yeah, there is no way to choose one favorite ink because they all have a very unique quality...Wow, now what photo of a project to choose, that is even harder :)

I love the depth that I create by blending the different shades of distress inks. It really adds the perfect finish to distressed edges! It's my fave ink! :)

My favorite thing is the great grungy colors!

Since i have discovered distressing inks in December last year I now find myself having to add distressed ink to everything I craft. Be a LO, card and canvases, out comes the ink. Two more to go and I have the full set. My fav's at the moment are Barn Door and wild honey but guess that will change tomorrow.

How fun! I never saw those tins in any of my local scrapbook stores .... either they never got any or were sold out before I heard about them {big pout}.

SO much fun!! I'm actually working on something with distress inks at the moment.. ;)
My favorite thing about distress inks is absolutely the colors, I love them, so versatile and love how they all "match" together.
Have a great week!!
Hugs, SannaS

I adore distress inks mostly because of their versatility. I use them on almost every project, mostly for edging and creating backgrounds. I think that the best thing about these inks is how all of the shades were created to compliment each other.

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