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Come to the land of Disney for your workshops!!!

Crap! I keep waiting for you to say your coming to Florida!!!!

Wishing and hoping you'd come to Orlando too.....I know you love Disney....we have one here along with lots of other cool places to visit in your spare time.

I wish I lived close to either of those two locations!

I wish you were doing a class in Arlington during Great American Scrapbooking... Any classes in Texas soon??? :)

Who do I have to bribe with Starbucks to get you to south Florida ? LOL

I got a spot in the class!! I am soooo happy! Tim, where can I find more info/pic on what we're making? I just know it will be fabulous!

Sigh. No where near Omaha.

I was also hoping for some classes at least I'll be able to come and see you at Stamper's Anonymous! (that is if i can get through the crowd)

I would truly love to attend a Tim Holtz workshop. Maybe some day he'll make it to central/northern California /hint hint

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