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what a great idea!

Wow! what a great idea. When I saw the first part I was wondering how you were going to cut out the bag, duhh!! Now need to go and find those battery powered tea lights!

Shut up! You are constantly rockin it Tim! love it! hugs from Texas!

Gotta copy these for the kids in the neighborhood! Thanks for the idea! Can't wait to see you guys at Stamper's Corner!

Another awesome project!

Gotta get some of those Sizzix Dies! :)

love the video tim! How cool would it be to make HUGE cut outs to put in house windows with orange lights flickering behind them... just to give all the neighbors the spooks!!!

I've got a bunch of those tea lights and the paper bags. Now all I need is to find those dies. Love this idea because luminaries are my favorite holiday decoration!

Absolutely the best idea ever! It's relatively cheap to do and could be done by a child or an adult for any season of festive party :)
love it!
this is why you rock my world with your creativity :)

Wow, these look great, so atmospheric. I wish we celebrated Halloween here in Oz like you do. But I might make some of these anyhow. As always, Tim, very creative, very inspirational.

They are awesome :-) Thanks for sharing.

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