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What a talented group.... thanks for sharing....

They are all wonderful artists and I know you are very saddened to have to do this. Thank you to all of you.

Not sure how this will effect everyone in the scheme of things, but guess we have to rely on the fact that "Tim knows best." Best wishes to everyone, thanks for all the creative inspirations. Happy Holidays ahead, and see you at your blogs!

I have been so inspired by this wonderful collection of designers that you have accumulated. (and, I'm sure I will continue to be)
Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this amazing group of women.
Enjoy your holiday week...

Sorry to hear you have to call it quits but it was fun while it lasted and I thank you and your team.

Wonderful artists!

Will definitely be visiting all of their blogs to see what they will undoubtedly continue to create.

Glad you are taking something off your plate tim. The number of hours in the day are the same for all of us, and you my friend squeeze sooo much into YOURS.

Happy Thanksgiving and take some time to enjoy your journey on the homefront!

What a tough decision.I'll keep following all your designers; I got to them via your design team and have become regulars for me. Thanks to all of them!

What great designers with Tim's collections, and we will definitely continue to be inspired by all their delightful work. Thanks so much ladies!

I think I am going to have a name badge with my new name on it! I love it! It has been an honor and pleasure like nothing I have ever known. Thank you Tim from the very bottom of my heart.

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