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Very cool class. Enjoy your time at home. Can't wait to see what you create! :)

Awesome class and even more awesome machine! Have a great and happy Thankgsgiving holiday!

Welcome home...enjoy your time creating at home.

Welcome home...
Enjoy your "crafty/creative" time in your studio. I am sure I'm going to enjoy the joys that will surface from your time there.
I want to "thank you" at this time of Thanksgiving for being so giving of your time and talent. I am very aware that the schedule that you and your team keep is exhausting. I for one, am extremely grateful!!
Enjoy Thanksgiving and your "down" time.

You sure do look like you are loving your new Vagabond! What fun!

I will have my Vagabond the Monday after Thanksgiving! Cannot wait!! Enjoy your time off! :)

Look forward to seeing what wondrous creations you come up with since you have TWO whole months at home. ENJOY!

So I guess you call your vacation Tim Time? Will you be posting a list of supplies needed for tags this year in advance? Lots of chatter locally (thanks to my friend Chasity) about getting together to create!
Have a great vacation!

Now that you're home...I can't wait to see what you will be creating!

Enjoy the holidays with no classes! I will patiently (?) wait to see your new ceations. :)

Happy Thanksgiving

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