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Just want to say thanks for all of your hard (#1) work and long hours…. Awesome 12 days…. And let me just say that tonight’s tag is truly a Joy!

T!m, I can’t believe this is the last of the tags for this year but you definitely went out with a bang! This is the best out of all!! Was waiting for the appearance of those movers and shakers!!
Thanks so much for spoiling us with vids and prizes and inspiring us to take ourselves to another level in creativity! And to Mario for giving us a fantastic BTS look of what goes on and for being the master shipper to brave the post office line ups every day to get prizes out!
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas!



Beautiful way to end the set.

The 12 Tags of Christmas are at an end...
No more tags will he send.
Our inspiration is on a tear
We hunt Tim products Everywhere!!

A rest you deserve
And great rewards too
For sharing your wisdom
With more than a few.

Merry Christmas to Tim
And all of his elves
We couldn’t have had
All these ideas ourselves.

Grateful we are,
In debt to you as well
Of course we all think
That Tim is just swell!

Another fantastic tag!

THANKS so much for the awesome journey.
You ended the 12 tags with a bang.
It’s NOT over. I’m looking forward to gleaning
more of your creative mind throughout the
new year, 2011. You ARE living the life you imagined
and saying “thanks for sharing” just doesn’t seem
Love, Liz
Liz Walters1

It’s hard to believe that it’s Day 12 for the tags ALREADY! I would say that you’ve outdone yourself this year, but EVERY year the tags have been just FAB-U-LOUS.

Thank you so much for all of the time and creative energy you have provided still AGAIN for these tags and wonderful techniques. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year tim! xo

Tweeting til the end with Mario was really cool TOO! He’s the BEST! xo to Mario too

Eileen WON!! Yippeeeee

YAYAYAY!!! I was waiting on you to use those dies!! woot, woot, woot!! YAYAY!!
And there it is...... the final tag for 2010.......Thank you Tim for sharing another creative journey with all of us. I so appreciate you! Thanks to Mario too for being the best "elf" ever! Merry Christmas to you both and here's to a fabulous 2011!!
WOOHOO! Before we know it, we will be counting the days to new releases and to see what you have up your sleeves. Thanks again, my super craft hero!
Much Love and Hugs!

This tag is amazing. Love it.

A great last tag!!
TanXXX T!m for the inspiration.
I very much enjoyed it!

Greetz Marleen

OVER THE TOP!!! Love them!!!

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