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i love this tag. the video steps are my favorite - i always prefer to see you in action #1. thanks for showing us so many ways to use products we thought only had one purpose. you inspire me, and inspiration is what it's all about...

OH my goodness every one of those tags are just super duper amazing.
What I luv is the techniques can be translated to anything.
Thank you so much for keeping us jazzed up about our amazing Art.

Birds and trees my favourite. Thank you

Mario did awesome with the teaser shots while Tim was creating but the finished tag exceeds all expectations. Tag #3 is my FAVORITE thus far. Tim, you ROCK!! LOVE IT!!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

Awesome! You just make this the most craftiest time of the year"

Oh, I love the color on this tag, and all the beautiful detail on the mini tag.....beautiful!! Keep em coming, thanks Tim!!

SO CUTE !!!!!

They JUST keep getting better! Oh, goodness: there REALLY is a Santa Clause! Thanks, Mr. Holtz!

I have just discovered the Tissue Tape ( I got some halloween tape) and I have NO CLUE what to do with it....until now! You have the most creative ideas. I think it would be aweosme to know sometimes how you get the ideas you do. Another fantastic job!

You created quite the "song bird"! Love the music score on the bird.

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