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WOW!!!! Of course Tag #4 did NOT disappoint. Seriously amazing once again... the magic you create with your fingers #1. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Love this one! I think it is my favorite so far!

ROCK ON!!! I'm lovin the tags. Each one better then the one before. Not really "better" but more exciteable. It's late...forgive me. I just want to say THANKS for your awesome gift of sharing!!
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

Everynight is like CHRISTMAS!!!! Just waiting to see what the next Tag will be... And of course we are NEVER disappointed... Beautiful......

Oh WOW!! I just loooove those facets and can't wait to give it a go! Absolutely fabulous T!m! Love it!


Absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited by the bling ang jewels! Dreamy! Thanks for a great night cap. Nite Nite.

I'm having some kind of strange TITANIC flashback: holy ICICLES that is flippin' gorgeous! Day 4 is, somehow, EVEN bettaaa! Oh, Mr. Holtz! Unbelievable! FABULOUS, FABULOUS work! {*Gasp!*} Yipeeee!

love love love fragments! thanks for this fragments treat! it's going to be a joly day, thanks to the intergallactic master of scrap: Sir T!m!

I love those bling-on-a-roll from Michael's! Oh, and that ginormongous facet is out of this world!
thanks t!m, dude-of-all-crafts!

LOVE IT! Really cool how you used the alcohol ink & the facets. Once again you inspired us!

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