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Sticky back canvas and your wood are my favs not to mention the “joy” of this tag!!!! Love love love it!!!!

Day 7, I KNOW I'm in heaven.
Thanks for yet another awesome tag.
Love, Liz
Liz Waltersl

Oh - this is STUNNING! I know what I'm doing this evening! Beautiful technique and gorgeous colors. Thanks again, Tim.

Wow! What a great tag! What a wonderfull techniques!

T!m!! This is breathtaking of the lot! I think tag #7 is my new favourite!! Lots of fun techniques and I can't wait to pull out that sticky back canvas!
Simply beautiful! Thanks T!m!!


Another beauty!! I made up this song for you!

My Theme Song!
(Sung to Dashing thru the Snow) © J.Cyr 2010

Dashing thru the mall
With my Credit Card.
Buying gifts for all,
Gee but this is hard!

What's that that I see?
A Winter Wonder die!
Oh but could it be....
From Tim Holtz’s new line?

Buy him now, Buy him now,
Before I change my mind
Visa is really mad at me
But I bought my great find!

Buy him now, Buy him now,
Before I change my mind
Visa is really mad at me
But I bought my great find!

The snowman die is mine!
Now I have him home
He's underneath the Christmas tree
From here he’ll never roam!

Credit Company is not all that bad
My joy they like to see
But they took away my card
No more shopping spree!!!

Repeat Chorus

Love the poinsettia on this one!! Now another great way to make flowers. Thanks!

again another stunning tag. How do you come up with these ideas always amazes me. thanks again for the inspiration

I WISH you could hear me - PURRRRRRRING! This is THE BEST, YET! This is sooooooo SWOONABLE! I am MOST excited to make this baby! Thanks, for another night: totally worth staying up late for! Yee Haw!

Definitely going to try this, looks yummy enough to eat

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