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Do you have to schedule time to breathe?! Have fun in South Africa!

It is all so completely fascinating! I cannot imagine living such a beautifully chaotic life!

I agree those posters are so cool. South Africa.... I was there once many years ago and loved every minute of it. enjoy!

We've been missing you too! I'm dying for some inspiration for your new products, especially the distress stains. Have fun in S. Africa!!!

Good to hear from you! Have a great time in South Africa!

We loved seeing you this weekend. The classes were fabulous as always! I don't know how you guys do it... Thank YOU for all the inspiration!

Such great travels you go on Tim! I would LOVE to take a tour through the Ranger factory!

Don't know how you keep up that kind of pace! Good thing you're still a young man....but heck, this will get you old before your time. Try to get some rest, Tim!...And have a good time in Africa....

Hi Tim,
It sounds like so much work and fun. I loved watching you on HSN. Yea,I'm at working watching non stop. lol. Love the posters. Can wait to hear about your trip and see the pictures.

Miss hearing from you--but how could we forget someone as brilliant as you?! :) have a fabulous trip to South Africa! Jealous!!!

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