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Your candle burns at both ends! Take time to breathe!

Wow, I don't know how you do what you do. Such a crazy schedule, but I am sure that loving what you do makes it all possible and enjoyable. Have fun in South Africa, and I hope you will be doing one of your videos on your travels!

Ohhhhh, Mr. Holtz: no WORRIES! We'll ALWAYS be here! Meanwhile, *phew!* I'm TIRED for you guys! I was SO excited to see you on HSN! Since my kids were on spring break, THEY were forced.. Uh, I mean - THEY enjoyed your performance as well! Hee Hee It was seriously funny to watch them enjoy "your show"! {They were like "YOU have THAT!" - they said that A LOT!} I hope you guys get a little rest before S.Africa! xoxo!

Wow, completely amazing. I love the distess stains have been using them like crazy since I purchased them. I am really inspired though by your photos that are on your walk. They are totally awesome.

It must be craft heaven to have access to ALL that gooood stuff!! Oh! be you!
Jean S
Dallas, TX

I would love to visit Ranger and see the magic happen. I can't imagine how you keep up with all you do. Thank you for taking time to share. ksh

Thanks for checking in Tim!

Of course we remember you! But, we also missed you!!! Hope it's not all work and that you get to enjoy South Africa.

Here's wishin you safe travels. :)

Don't forget to take time to smell the know what I mean...South Africa - what a wonderful experience.....

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