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It looks like an absolutely awesome weekend!

looks like fun! :)

looks amazing!!! someday!!!

And thank you for coming Tim!!! I was a lucky member of the Creative blocks class, and it was a pleasure as always to see you.

SO much creative happiness this weekend - Tim, your every class rocked. My face is tired from all the smiling. :)

I can't recommend your classes OR Laurie + the awesome Scrapbook Island enough. *group hugs* all around amazing.

You made it rock my friend.

I would love to know if you have plans to come to Australia. I would sell my first born (maybe not) to go to one of your events!

YAY!!!! See??? Those directions I put on your tag WORKED! Cool beans! SOOOOO sorry I missed it :(


debi (aka Martha)

I'm just a little teary, because I know JUST how those ladies must have felt - wishing and hoping you'd come to THEIR store! What a special time! EVERYONE looks positively radiant! What fun! You're SUCH a delight, Tim. It just makes me glad to know how the creative generosity of ONE soul can make SO many, so happy! Congrats one and ALL! Yee Haw!

Glad you had a fab time, we would love you to come to New Zealand to Nic Howard's Autumn Escape retreat 2012. What are the chances???

(and isn't Laurie the BESTEST????)

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