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Oh how I wish I were going! It is sure to be a fabulous time!

How fun is that going to be? Wish I was going!!

totally wish I could go! I'm sure that both you and the students will have a blast.

OMG!!!! I can't wait!!! I don't care what you teach, I know it will be fabulous :D

I wanna go!! :(

I just got home from a 5-day cruise but would love to turn around and go on this one!! :) Fun times ahead I'm sure.

Kim D in FL

Omg! wish I was going have a blast x

I could wallpaper my studio with all that, top to bottom and side to side! Wow, that would be awesome! I can just picture it, then I would get hold of it with distress stains, what fun! pipe dreams...

Oooo what a lovely pile of papers! (maybe you don't find that pile as lovely?) How fun it would be to be on that cruise! Ah well...maybe one day. :)

To see the excitment from all aboard....what a return on the investment! Fun..Fun!

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